Merry Christmas

Would like to wish all my love ones ,my beloved family members and my good friends a Merry Christmas ! The special and long anticipated day of the year is so unique as it is not only celebrated by solely christians but Buddhist and muslims as well ! With that i send my blessings and appreciation to all the people i love that they may reap happiness and good health !.

Although i have many wishes, dreams and goals to be fulfilled. These are the 3 primary ones 

1) My medical condition would stablized and improve when i enter a new phase in university. 

2)That my relationship with my family members and friends remain strong and continue to blossom as ever. 

3) New friendship and meaningful relationship to be forged in the following years to come !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone !! 

8 months more !

When unfavorable events strike without warning, i really hate the way i respond and manage. Just when i thought that it was going to be over, there it came back again to greet me. It is neither the first nor the second time but the third time. The only difference between now and then is that the environment seems to be too conducive for me that i had became rather laid back and lazy. In the past i was given countless tasks and responsibilities which kept me occupied throughout. Honestly speaking, i prefer to be busy rather than being bored by tasks which i do routinely. 

At the present moment, i think i have to tell myself that is time to set a limit to the number of request that i have to make. These requests may seemed easier to fulfill but somehow or rather it did not turn out as how i have wished for. For instance, i have feedback to my doctor to negotiate with my superior for more tasks to keep me more occupied throughout the day. However i was only given a chance to learn for a very short period of time on how to arrange appointment for a patient. After which, i returned to my former job on running the clinic. Perhaps i was unable to perform up to her standard whereby all patients were given a correct appointment date and time. My mistakes were too serious to be ignored and my overall work performance has not been acceptable.However no matter how many mistakes or how badly i have performed in the unit, the least i could ask for is a 2nd chance to try again. I guess is too late for anything to be done unless i could show them improvement in my job performance. 

As i spoke to my Dr, today regarding my intention of seeing him again, i could see that he went utterly speechless. In the first place i had made the decision to stop seeing him due to a lack of faith in him. However ever since my private Dr has requested to introduce a new drug to me,i have decided to cease seeing him temporarily as i know that he wish to treat me with a potent medication “Lithium” which could cause undesirable side effects to the kidney and thyroid. After revealing to him the medication and dosages i am taking he was really disappointed of my non-compliance to medication and gave me a choice of adhering to his or my private dr’s advice.Seriously, i refused to adhere strictly on the regimen for one main reason which all the 2 doctors do not understand. It is all because of worry. Apart from being disappointed, he even dropped a hint telling me that as my general conduct in camp is not very favorable he is considering of taking me out of service if i do not improve in terms of my discipline and general work performance and conduct.

In conclusion to what had happened today, i think i have reached a point where i just have to keep on enduring for the subsequent 8 months in service and stop complaining. Giving up curtails repercussions which i could not afford to bear. These consequences includes my future careers and finances which ultimately also affects the people whom i love and care the most. However one good news is that i am just 8 months away and by changing my perception i believe time would sweep past me without me being aware of it. Press on ! Edmund 

10 months more . Still Counting

31st July 2013 marks my 1 year of serving national service. Time flies really fast but i just cannot wait for 2014 to arrive because that would mean i would be 5 months away before i ORD. A couple of plans i had in mind would be to further my studies in NTU in Biological Sciences, and get my driving license before i graduate from NTU. 

There is so many things i am intrigued in and that i wish to do , but i just lack that one important mindset. Confidence. Another weakness in me is the fear of failing. Before NS, i have always wanted to learn photography and go for a diving trip.Unfortunately all this activities requires money! 

Times have change and i cant agree much to this saying that life is a sprint in Singapore. As a democratic country, everyone is constantly upgrading , fighting and competing. It is the reality that one has to understand that in order for one to thrive in this society one has to constantly adapt and resist to transformation.Living is determined according to the theory of survival of the fittest.

Although it is vital for one to always remember their goals and purpose in life, one should also constantly remind themselves that whichever setbacks and challenges they encounter is part and parcel of reaching their goals. Money is important but it is not everything! There is one saying brought up my mum, ” Your relationships with people worth more than the money and fame you strive to obtain. Nothing could replace the relationships which you take years to forge. Money could save or kill you , so always utilize your assets wisely.

The path ahead of me is obscure, but whichever way it may lead to , i hope i could always look on the bright side , make the best out of every task i do and live life to the fullest. 

The indecisive me.

Unlike others, i use to think i am a very firm and serious person, but when i am given an option to choose between two of the courses that i like ,i had a hard time. We always have a choice but the decision i make this time is tough as they are concern with my future. Should i pursue psychology or Biological sciences in NTU after i have ORD. 

As most of you have noticed i have posted this question umpteen times on twitter. I am glad that after a period of long and careful consideration, i finally made up my mind to give up my university slot in Psych to pursue biological science instead. Having considered the challenging aspects of psychology , i supposed i would really struggle if i were to take up the challenge. Furthermore with limited job prospects for psychology and the intense competition that i would face in uni, i believe i would really struggle instead of enjoy my course of study. 

Another concern for me is with regards to my struggle in getting better. Up till now, i am still wondering if i am rightly diagnosed as a patient who suffers from mental health issues or was it purely just my thoughts that is interfering with my recovery. Year 2013 seems to be a year filled with unwelcome surprises and difficulties. The thought of me undergoing remission is simply remarkable , however i have never thought that happiness just sweep past me swiftly even before i could savor it .Why does happiness seem so short-lived. The worse thing is that it has to happen in the year when i step into adulthood.

My one and only birthday wish is to get better and move on with life. My dearest family members and love ones are the people whom i could never stop expressing my gratitudes to . Their genuine concerns and love are what that keeps me moving on with life . 

Discovering Perfection In Me.

Recently, i read a book which relates to me rather closely. Its called moving past perfect .A self-help book which outlines underlying causes , characteristics and impacts of being a perfectionist.  

Reading this book aids me in identifying the perfectionistic traits in me. Some intriguing information that have been highlighted in the book makes me discover that i could be a perfectionist all along and that i don’t even realized it. 

Unrealistic thoughts and demands that i have imposed on myself, the irrational fears and worries which i had in mind and being extremely preoccupied when i encounter failures are obvious signs that indicates to me that i am a perfectionist. 

I am glad to know that i am not alone and that my family members have shown signs of perfectionism as well judging from their behaviors and character. However the scary part about being a perfectionist is that it limits one in trying out task which we have no confidence in. Due to the fear of failing, a perfectionist does not even have the guts to try and they give up easily as a way to avoid failures.Deep inside them they have the mindset that if i don’t try i would never fail. 

Having identified this thought pattern of mine and understood myself more serves as an important lesson to me that i should try not to be too hard on myself. I may not be able to change the things that happened in the past but i could change my current course of action in order to fight perfectionism.

There is nothing wrong in being a perfectionist. More importantly, i feel that we should understand that perfectionism does not do help us in long term. It adds on unnecessary burdens and stress to us which ultimately compromises our emotional and psychological well being. Moreover,one may even get extremely exhausted for striving so hard to achieve perfection which is clearly impossible. Instead of striving for perfection, one should reframe their thoughts a little to strive for excellence. The healthy way of striving for excellence clearly encourages us to improve further to be better after every attempt. 

Ultimately, we should keep in mind that life is all about striving for excellence and improvement, not about attaining perfection. With this in mind ,life could become alot easier and enjoyable. 

Its just a month more before i could officially declare that i am a one year soldier in SAF ! Like it or not every guy  have no choice but to spend two years in NS. Up till now i still cant believe that i am still reflecting on national service. There was a period of time when i kept complaining about my decline in cognitive abilities ever since i had been enlisted. Come on is time to stop complaining and whining !  Comparing to my peers, i am way much fortunate to be in this unit. Apparently my duties are pretty mundane and mundane but i have no rights to ask for more already . 

Perhaps i should take this time to really enjoy myself now before the the next life-changing phase of my life begins. UNI-life !  It is pointless grieving on lost opportunity and reminiscing  past memories in polytechnic.  Although holding on to good memories is pleasurable, nevertheless it is  unhealthy if we were to immerse ourselves in the past for too long as time is wasted where it could be spend well in the present moments. Learning to live in the present and refraining from thinking about the future is the solution for now but it has always been a great challenge for myself and all of us. 

3rd time

What do i really mean by 3rd time. Well, it takes a great deal of effort to pen down this blog. The month of january proves to be a very happening month when extremely negative thoughts and emotions made me fall back into the dreadful trap of distress for the 3rd time. 

Since secondary 3 , coping with setbacks and dealing with stress have always been my greatest weaknesses. I sought treatment and i could only say that my conditions have been fluctuating throughout the 5 years. Have always been leading a life of deception and pretense covering the truth of myself. Thanks to my appearance, i appear like any typical human being. However whatever that happened just demonstrated otherwise.

All these unwanted and unfavorable events had occurred only for one reason. Myself. Being unable to take failures , setbacks and unhappiness lightly i had landed myself in a pool of misfortune. Sometimes i wonder why am i a male when my characters and attitudes could be likened to a female. It might sound crazy but they were just random thoughts that flashes once awhile. 

If only i am able to notice the peculiarities within myself earlier. If only,i could be a little less ignorant about my conditions and most importantly if only i am not so driven by the thoughts of living a life without medications, things would not have went so wrong.

This post marks my first blog of the year 2013, which also means the end of 2012 ! A year which i perceived to be rather happening and filled with uneventful and undesirable occurrences. 

Yesterday was my very first time witnessing Singapore fireworks when the clocks strike 12am marking the closure of 2012.  Throughout my 20 years in life i have never get a chance to see New Year countdown spectacular fireworks live in Singapore. You may start to wonder if i really live under the rock all along! Haha  Still cannot believe that my heart beats rapidly just before the fireworks ceremony begins when everyone starts to count down to 2013. 

Thoughts never fail to intrude my mind since secondary school and it is becoming more and more part of me already. No matter how much i try to suppress it, thoughts would still undoubtedly be generated in my mind subconsciously without me knowing. There is nothing more imperative than attempting to completely eradicate this habit of mine. Unfavorable events or happy days which i perceived were all under the control of my mind. It still bores down to my individual perceptions on the occurrences. Hence the one and only wish i have in 2013 is just to break free from the shackles of ruminations. Complete liberation from the grip of subconscious ruminations would definitely resolve the lack of productivity , alertness and concentration on work which i have always been worried about. 

Wishing all my dear ones a Cheerful and lively 2013. Should any of us still hold on to uneventful past, please leave them behind in 2012 and forget about them completely. Open our arms to welcome the new beginning when we become stronger to leap higher than before for success, happiness and great health.  

Passion Or Obsession ?

I would not deny army provides me plenty of time to do nothing. It is indeed boring but from another perspective i really gives me ample time to think, consider, contemplate, deliberate on all sorts of things in life. Many questions emerged in my mind. These were some of the typical questions that left not only myself but my counterparts pondering. 

1) What would you want to do in future as your life long career?
2) Why do you choose this career.
3) Do you really like what you are doing ?
4) If you have already made the decision, how certain are you that this is really what you want in life ?
5) The one and only types of questions that goes never-ending and have never fail to give us a hard time ( What if….. blah blah)

I knew before enlistment that i am really passionate about psychology. Anything that has got to do with how we think, feel and behave. I have this undying believe that having these set of knowledge i could apply it anywhere and very important contribute to the society by helping people who have psychological difficulties, who are unhappy and make a difference in their lives. It is not the number of people i could help, but quality of counseling service that i could possibly render to  every individual.

However i could not deny certain events and situations i faced, did made me ponder whether i am indeed passionate about what i wish to do or i am simply obsessed with helping people who have problems in life. Deep within me, i could feel that i have this inclination to help someone who has problems through casual conversation, encouragements and support and most importantly a listening ear to them.I love to prolong heart to heart talks with someone who willingly open up and confide their stories . Somehow or rather i would feel really absorbed into the conversation and it made me feel as if i was the person experiencing the negative event.

Irregardless whether is obsession or passion, i believe it doesnt affect me at all in my pursuit of being a counsellor or psychologist and i hope i could do well in my undergraduate studies in uni and utilize the knowledge to help others in future.

Taking Up A New Challenge

Previously if you were to inquire whether i would like to take up a sales job i would say no without a slightest hesitation. However, after yesterday job briefing at bugis, my mentality towards sales changed miraculously. My mind which is constantly analyzing and considering made me realized that i have indeed considered to much and that overdoing it gets nothing done at all.

I have long acknowledged the fact that indecisiveness was my greatest weakness and had attempted to make decision much quickly as before. One incident which i would never forget is when i was making a decision whether to pursue my major in pharmacy in Ngee Ann Poly or Temasek Poly when both institutes offered the same major. The only advantage of being a graduate from Ngee Ann is that the school is much more reputable , and the course itself place greater emphasis on clinical aspects of Pharmacy practice. On the flipside of the coin, is situated way to far away from my house. Upon careful consideration, i realized that i had greater preference towards Ngee Ann than Temasek and i made the decision myself without any further discussion with my parents despite knowing that they would definitely disagree with it. It was a decision which my parents perceived to be the harshest i ever made, but i know that i have to be firm and break the weakness of indecisiveness.Initially regretted because the long journey from home to school was daunting. Thankfully as time passes, i got accustomed to long hours of travelling and felt that i was not too bad after all. My classmates and teachers were the ones whom made me look forward to school every single day. 

It is not wrong to be analytical and consider our actions and decisions we make everyday. This makes us more cautious  so that we would not regret or negatively affect ourselves and love ones. Our negative experiences in the past made us more wary on conscious of our actions without realizing that we are overly-conscious and too afraid to commit certain actions. This ultimately compromises our productivity and efficiency in decision making in life and more importantly nothing gets done.  Since yesterday, i have thought about giving myself a chance to make the first step in attempting something which i had always had no confidence in. Something which i dislike doing mainly because i feel that i am not a sales person. However, the thing is i have never attempted before and because of that it could be a conjecture that i am making without any evidence suggesting that i couldnt. It would be a new challenge to me, speaking confidently infront of everyone without frequent pausing would definitely be tough for me initially. However i am willing to give it a shot because i knew i would never know how far i could go unless i try.  Moreover no major cost is incur and there is absolutely nothing i could lose from this company except time. Weighing the pros and cons made me come to a final decision to take a leap of faith in making the first step out of my comfort zone. Trying this does not make me lose out, but not trying out makes me lose an opportunity which was presented to me yesterday. 

Aside from earning additional income, i also earnestly hope that this company could groom me to an improved individual who is more confident, decisive and quick witted. I believe this could be a platform for me for personal development apart from my passion in pursuing psychology and counseling.